Inheritance Law

It can be a very difficult time emotionally, and sometimes financially when someone close to you passes away. Managing the arrangements and succession wishes of your loved one is likely the furthest thing from your mind while you’re grieving. Nevertheless, there are formalities to be dealt with.

Noël de Spéville Solicitor can help you through the process sensitively and efficiently, giving you as much control over proceedings as you feel comfortable with. He will provide you with clear, straightforward advice to facilitate a hassle-free execution of the estate.

The work involved in administering an estate varies considerably depending upon whether or not there is a valid Will, the nature of the Will, the disposition of the beneficiaries, whether there are any businesses involved, and the value of the estate.

Where the estate is relatively simple and there is a sole beneficiary, or where there is a good relationship between the beneficiaries, there may be no need to use a solicitor or trust company.

For families where there may be several beneficiaries, employing an impartial solicitor will decrease the likelihood of any disputes.

Although the paperwork attached to the administration of larger estate won’t necessarily incur higher fees, it can often be very detailed and time-consuming. For this reason, in certain circumstances, we may be able to offer ‘fixed fee’ administration of estates.

It is also essential to have a comprehensive grasp of the legal and tax issues that will apply to all cases. Part of Noël de Spéville Solicitor’s job is to ensure that you pay the minimum of tax and that any obvious issues are addressed from the outset.