Dispute Resolution

Some problems can be resolved by collaboration, others by negotiation, but sometimes legal action is the only, or the best way forward. Noël de Spéville Solicitor can help you to analyse the likely cost and chances of success of any intended action and balance the risks against the rewards.

Beginning with an assessment of your desired outcome, Noël de Spéville Solicitor will design realistic, pragmatic legal strategies. You can trust him to keep on top of the legal process and to communicate clearly what is happening. It is equally important, though, for him to be flexible – adaptable to any change in the legal context of your case.

What about arbitration or negotiation?

To some extent, this will always depend on the strength of your legal position, but, as a principle, Noël de Spéville Solicitor will always keep a communication channel with your opposition open, and we usually encourage a serious offer of mediation to resolve a dispute.

However, once you have resolved to litigate, he will take the view that it is best to proceed steadily and unswervingly through the court process on the basis that the matter will proceed to trial, without ever closing the door on a genuine effort to negotiate.

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